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Discover the transformative power of Botox, an exceptional anti-aging treatment offered at BLIV and administered by our esteemed Aesthetic Nurse Blanca. Botox is a safe and minimally invasive procedure that targets fine lines and wrinkles, helping you achieve a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Enjoy our competitive pricing of $15 per unit for less than 40 units, and an even greater value of $13 per unit for 40 units or more. Say goodbye to gummy smiles with our specialized Gummy Smile treatment, priced at $200, and discover the allure of a subtle Lip Flip for only $150. Experience the confidence that comes with smooth, wrinkle-free skin and indulge in the transformative effects of BOTOX today.



Unlock the secret to a defined jawline and relieve the discomfort of jaw clenching and grinding with our revolutionary Botox Masseters treatment. Experience the transformative effects as we sculpt and contour your jawline, enhancing your facial aesthetics and boosting your self-confidence. Say goodbye to jaw tension and hello to a more harmonious and balanced appearance. Discover the beauty of a defined jawline and the relief of tension with our expert Botox Masseters treatment.

lip flip

Enhance Your Smile with a Subtle Twist.

Discover the secret to irresistible lips with our Lip Flip treatment. Using a non-surgical approach, we skillfully inject Botox into the upper lip area, allowing the muscles to relax and creating a subtle upward flip. The result? Fuller, more luscious lips that are sure to turn heads. Embrace the confidence that comes with a natural and alluring pout, without the need for invasive procedures. Unlock the beauty of a Lip Flip and let your lips do the talking.


An FDA-approved aesthetic product that temporarily makes moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look better in adults.
Typically, you can expect results to last three to four months.
This is a preventative and corrective treatment.

In general, the effects of Botox begin to appear in three to five days, peak in one to four weeks, and gradually decline within three to four months.

Simple! The area is cleaned, then injections are delivered. The needle is extremely small so it feels like nothing more than a pinprick. The treatment is very comfortable.

We're not just about appearances; we believe true beauty comes from within.